Wednesday, July 20, 2005

children and pickles

Some more pictures to view as a preview to Plush You! Today I got a decorative box and inside was the work by Lizette Greco. The tags are lovely and remind me of art work my mom has saved by my sister and myself. Her work is inspired by her childrens' drawings and the results are these very imaginative creatures!
Mr. Pickles is a brother/sister collaboration. Rita Volpi lives in Columbus, Ohio (my home state) and her brother, Jack, lives in Chicago. They came up with this idea to have a pickle, who wears glasses, go on adventures, etc. They have a really fun website! Check it out! They sent some Plush Meats which are hilarious. My great friend, Trish, in Cleveland, calls me ham slice. I think I have a plush in mind for her.


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