Friday, July 15, 2005

out of the country

Here are a few more people for the show. Minoji is from Japan. I visited a friend a few summers ago and shopped in Brooklyn at Mini Mini Market. I bought a few of Minoji postcards. When I got back, I hung them on my wall and couldn't stop looking at them. They are all so colorful and fun. So when I opened up Schmancy I contacted Kristen at Kamibashi. Kristen has become my friend via internet now and is doing a lot of great things with her business. Minoji decided to do some toys for the show that just arrived today! They are just like her cards, colorful and fun. I love them.
The other picture is from Tristan Jalleh from Australia. I have not gotten his work yet but I am in anticipation.
Today is my day for getting stuff super organized for the show. I went out with my dear friend Anna last night who will be helping me get this all together. She is some great ideas and has helped to put my mind at ease. Thanks Anna!!


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