Saturday, July 16, 2005

Sara and David

Here are a few images of the kind of work that will be in Plush YOU! I got the Circus Punk off of David Huyck's website. I have become a fan of Circus Punks They remind me of being a kid. I want to take my friend Nelson on the roller coaster at the Seattle Center before his wedding. I was reminded of that last night when i went on the Monorail for the first time. It was pretty fun but a bit scary. I just don't think it seems all that sturdy. Anyways when you walk over to the Seattle Center from the drop off you walk over the carnie rides and games. I gots to go. Maybe on a rainy day it would be less busy. So any time this summer should be good considering we have had a bad summer so far!
Anyways the next picture is from local artist, Sara Lanzillotta of Devout Dolls. I have seen her stuff for a long time at I heart rummage. I can't wait to see what she has for me for the show.
have a good day!


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