Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Trish and Kathie

I love looking at art, talking to the nice humble artists, and I hope one day I can also say I love to buy some art once in awhile. I mean I do but I don't have much money for all the art I would love to put in my house. I do have a few now from my friend
Trish Grantham. I love her stuff! Half the time I look at her stuff I want to cry at how cute it is. The colors are great, the things she sometimes writes on them are fantastic, and I love the different characters such as Carl the squirrel. Who wouldn't love a squirrel named Carl???
The other artist I can't seem to stop checking out is Kathie Olivas. Her work is just amazing! I love love love them and wish I had a whole wall full of her work. So if anyone wants to be my best friend, check out her site, and buy me one! or just check it out and love it too.


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