Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I mentioned having a nice weekend and it being pretty here in Seattle. The picture of my sister was taken in West Seattle. We got ice tea, sat outside and had a knitting lesson. Although at one point she said I was not a very good teacher. I was only laughing at her because she had a little song to go along with the steps which I found helpful but you know when you know how to do something and someone does it all wrong and it's sort of funny? But she got it. I think she likes it.
Next is some pics of a hat I finished last night for baby Kyle. It is off in the mail now going to Mass. for some baby lovin'. I can't wait to get a picture of him with it on. The hat was relatively easy but I think I want to try some other kind for the next baby.
The last pics are the things I got from Ashley. See, how could you go wrong with a trade? I love it all and wore my scarflette around all night even though I didn't need to.