Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Georgia, trades, more owls

Here are some photos of my weekend and of my exciting mail I received yesterday. First up, owl assembly lines. I have signed up for a few fairs for the holidays. The first one is Urban Craft Uprising here in Seattle. I am sharing a booth with my friend and busy donut maker, Stuart. For this show I would like to have owls, button rings, and anything else I may come up with for this day. I am also participating in a show in Columbus, Ohio, my home state, called Plush Rush. I am not too sure what I will make for this. Maybe something bigger would be better? I am also doing a lot of trades for the holidays. My goal is to get all my holiday gifts from doing trades. I got these wonderful packages in yesterday that were so much fun to open I almost gave myself a heart attack. The beautiful hat, bag, scarflette, and delicious candies was from Francesca. The other fantastic package was from Katey. In there was tons of goodies including this cute owl bag, a notebook full of pretty paper, owl note cards and "You make my bunsen burn" note cards, a cute fawn keychain, a bag of buttons, a cute keychain wallet type of thing, and two beautiful prints. Sally and I have fallen in love with her prints which is why she is having a show at Fancy coming this December!
Lastly is a picture of the new addition in the Van Hollebeke/ VanRask family. Her name is Georgia and is cute as can be. Congrats to Joe and Alix for bringing this bundle of joy into everyones lives!


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