Saturday, September 03, 2005

Lisa Congdon!!!

The story of Lisa Congdon. Lisa came in to Schmancy in December and bought a print done by Caroline Hwang. She later took a picture of it and emailed me a picture of the print nicely framed and displayed in her apartment. I thought two things:1) that's so nice of her 2) she has such a nicely decorated apartment! Great use of color! She started sending me a few pics of other things she does and then I thought....this woman is so freakin' talented and she has to have a show at my store. I also love nice people and she was always so nice even though I don't even know her. Her show begins this friday at Schmancy. Opening Reception goes from 6:00 to 9:00. Come meet Lisa, eat birthday cake (b-day cake is for Schmancy's first birthday), and celebrate the grand opening of Pants!


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Blogger heidi said...

I love reading your blog, how come you get so many weird spam comments? Haha, they are so odd too! Lisa's stuff looks awesome, I try to keep up to date on her blog as so glad I own a modbird!

12:40 PM  
Blogger Schmancy said...

I know! Why am I getting SO MANY spam comments? It's so annoying!
Anyways, I am glad you like my blog. It's fun to do and you always end up wondering if you are doing it for anyother reason but to amuse yourself. Glad you are reading!!!

12:18 PM  
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