Friday, September 16, 2005

New necklace and Frankie

My cat, Frankie, is one of the cutest, besides her sister, Jackpot, she is the cutest. But doesn't everyone say that? I took this picture this morning and doesn't it look like it belongs on the cover of some 70's or 80's album cover? Her eyes are sparkling and looking right at you. It's so funny. She is a handful at times but is really sweet and cuddly..she loves to spoon.
The picture of the necklace is something I made last night. Some woman was staying at the Moore Hotel the other week and had a beaded necklace on that wrapped around her neck twice so one was long and the other was snug on her neck. It looked really good for some reason and made me like beaded necklaces again. I have an endless supply of seed beads of many many colors. However it looks like these colors are the colors of the season.


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