Friday, September 09, 2005

owls, chickens, bunnys

Today Lisa's show begins so last night I said goodbye to Plush You! It was sad and sort of nice. Nice only because Lisa's work is amazing and it's sort of nice to look at something new every once in awhile. Seeing as that I am here everyday, changing walls once a month really helps it to feel new and fresh. Lisa's work is up and I will put picks up tomorrow of the show.
The pictures of the owl, chicken, and bunny are things I am working on for a few trades. I made these last night and turned them into magnets. I love the chicken and owl the most. They are really fun to make but I tend to get really excited and obsessed when I make new things and needless to say- I am VERY tired today! But it was fun and I finished the package for Francesca. Off to Italy tomorrow (the package-not me)


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