Friday, September 16, 2005

Package from Mo!

I love trades. Why? Well all I got in the mail before was junk mail and bills. But NOW I am getting fun packages such as this one from Mo! I love everything!! Thanks so much Mo! The cards are beautiful and sparkly. I got different colors with the pretty bird perched on the branch. I am so excited to send them out to people who will appreciate how wonderful they are. She also sent some buttons which I love! I can't wait to go home and make myself a button ring! I don't make myself things very often but I just love the buttons and since they are a gift I figured at least one belongs to me! I also got pretty in pink earrings, and a delicious dark chocolate, lime, and macadamia nut bar! Something to keep me perky in these gloomy days! Trades=Love


Blogger Handmade Heaven said...

Hey Schmancy: Do I have things you might want to swap for? I would love to be one of your featured guest swaps. Unforunately, my stuff is not as zany as some you have discussed. I have some zany OOAK vests I could show ya. Thanks Sandy, Handmade Heaven

8:21 PM  

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