Wednesday, October 12, 2005

crafty families

I have been trying to refrain from spending too much time looking at various blogs i enjoy reading. Why? Because I get sucked in. I feel like it is o.k. to a point because I find it really inspiring and motivating. But it also sucks up a lot of my day at times and I really do have work to do. Especially because next week I am on VACATION!!!! YAHOOOOOOO. Today is gloomy and grey and I am sort of caught up and thought a little blog surfing wouldn't kill me. I started with Lisa Congdon's blog because I like her work and love reading her site. She always has the nicest things on there like today's tribute to her mom. So I of course had to check out her her mom's site to see where these crafty people came from. This then brought me to Stephanie's blog which I check out from time to time anyways. I think we all have a similar appreciation for color, displaying in your home, etc. but they do it a lot better than me. While reading Steph's blog I stumbled across Tie One On. I love aprons and used to make them a lot. I wish I either had my sewing machine here or i was at home so I could make one right now. They are just so colorful and fun and most of all USEFUL! I think Stephanie's is really great. I love all the color and type. I guess I just gave a tribute to the Congdon family. I will be in San Fran next week and will hopefully be getting together with Lisa for some drinky drinky perhaps? We will see.


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