Saturday, October 01, 2005

for Tricia

Here is one thing I sent to Tricia of Bella jolie for our trade. She got other goodies but this scarf is my favorite. It is so cozy I just wanted to rub my face with it all the time. I added fringe to it as well which is something I have never done. It's fun to try new things.
Last night my sister and Nikki got together to start our latch hook project. Nikki and I are starting a craft night once a month. We will all meet up and make a specific craft. We thought latch hook would be easy, fun, and inexpensive for our first project.
The last pic. (with the seahorses) is from a site I can't remember. But I love it and wish I had lots of money so I could have it.
last day of work and then it's my weekend. I am so very excited!


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