Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Two Confessions

Confession #1: I might just be officially addicted to trading. I love to do trades. I have said this many times before and explained my love for a good trade so I won't go into it again. I have so many trades I am working on right now. Each time I finish one I feel so satisfied. I feel even more satisfied when I get my trade in the mail. I sit here everyday and watch for the post person around 4:00 every day. Then I feel sad inside if I haven't gotten anything. If I do get something I start to feel like I do after I drink coffee. You know what I mean? Excited, a bit jumpy, the mind starts turning into endless thoughts about the next thing I want to make..that sort of thing. I am a bit sad to go on vacation ONLY because I won't be here when a package may arrive but then I realize it will be a fun thing to come home to.
Confession #2: I love my cats. A LOT. I talk about them and how cute they are and I talk to them. They are good listeners and they love me. Jackpot, shown here, is the best. She follows me around wherever I may go. She sits on the toilet while I brush my teeth, take a shower, fix my hair, etc. She loves to stand on the sink while I pet her and if I stop she squeeks. It's heartbreaking. The other thing she does which I love but can be a bit uncomforable is she sleeps on top of me. I will wake up to her face right in mine, purring. And she will do this if I am on my back or on my side. Somehow she finds a way to make it comforable for herself. I wish I could take them with me to S.F. but they will be in good hands with Nikki and Nelson. I think Nikki is really excited just to be around a t.v. for a week.


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