Tuesday, October 04, 2005

UCU and a finger puppet

I wanted to let everyone know about this really cool craft fair coming up soon! I will be there sharing a table with sewdorky. To find out more information go to Urban Craft Uprising. A few other crafty friends of mine will be there as well so come support local craft stars, get your holiday gifts, and get inspired!
The little lion finger puppet is my new creation. It is going in the mail for a trade but I am going to make more. I will make different animals as well. They are cute kids finger puppets or can just go on top of your computer, table, bookshelf as a little display animal. I like them. I have realized I love to make stuff (well that's not a NEW concept) but I also get bored making the same things over and over. SOOOO as long as I throw in a new thing, I can handle doing the same stuff too.
I am happy with this little guy.
bye for now


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