Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Crochet 101

Yesterday I started my first crochet class. I am taking a two week class with my sister at So Much Yarn. It is a relatively new store in Belltown that offers lots of classes and has a great selection of yarn. Crocheting is so relaxing that I almost fell asleep in class. It's really fun and I look forward to practicing. I really want to make one of those granny blankets with all the small pieces that you connect together. I only wish I didn't have so many interests. I feel like there is so much I want to do right now and I don't know where I will get all the time to do them. As the holidays come close, I really want to make some gifts for certain people like my landlords at the store. I got all this pretty ribbon, boxes and paper to use for cookies and truffles. When I will make them is another question.
I also signed up for I Heart Rummage this Sunday. I have no idea when I will make all this stuff for it. My hair appointment was just cancelled so I guess I have this evening to work on stuff. Tomorrow I have plans. I guess I will try and lock myself in my apartment for the weekend. Sounds fun right? At least I have Saturday off. Yahoo.
This guy came in yesterday and asked me to be a hair model so tomorrow morning I have an appointment for a hair cut. I wish i was getting the color today so it would be all nice and pretty tomorrow. Oh well.


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