Saturday, November 12, 2005

I love Meredith

Last night was EVEN more fun than I imagined it would be. It was awesome. I think there was the best group of people at the shop. Meredith came by in the early afternoon to set up the show. It was great fun just to hang out and talk about Portland, My Guys, her process, life, etc. I got whiskey for this opening and bought a crock pot to make hot apple cider. I thought I had enough whiskey but it turns out I was WRONG. I had it until around 8:00 but we still had an hour to go. Oooppps. Some of Meredith's friends came out and they were all really fun. Her friend Donna came out and she is hilarious. We see eachother around town and I told her she needs to be my friend. I am sure she was scared of me.
After some of us went out for drinks, including a few Schmancy regulars who visit often from Vancouver B.C. They are so nice and it was fun to finally hang out with them. I really want to go visit them because I heart Vancouver. I also really want to go down to Portland soon to hang out with all my new found Portland friends.
I want to thank Meredith for coming up for the show and making it a really fun opening.
Now for scavenger hunt. This weekend can't get anymore festive.


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