Thursday, November 10, 2005

Plush Rush and birthdays

This is Dwight. He is a heart eater. He was completed last night by yours truly. He is not to different from your other heart eaters. The thing about heart eaters is they look so innocent. Even a little cute and cuddly. But if you cross any lines with them- out goes your heart, straight into their mouth. My only advice is to be careful and kind. He will be going to Columbus, Ohio for Plush Rush. You can adopt him there or maybe I will start making more. Anyone for a trade?

Today is my birthday. Last year for the big 30 my BFF from brownies, Lisa, came to Seattle to celebrate with me. It was fun but not crazy. This year I decided I wanted to do it up a little since I am not too excited about birthdays anymore. I just want to do something that I always want to do but never do. This year I decided to have a "big ass scavenger hunt". This sat. over thirty people are meeting at The Garage in Seattle. We will be put into groups and have two hours to complete a list of items developed by a team of judges, David, Nelson and Michael. I think the judges have some things up their sleaves so I am very excited. It will be a lot more fun than just sitting around drinking. BLAHHHHHHH. Gets boring and no one ever leaves thinking "Gee- that was really fun". HOWEVER this will be a fantastic.

This morning I decided to take myself to my new favorite morning spot, The Crumpet Shop, located on 1st Ave in Pikes Place Market. It was the best way to start the morning. The people there are so so nice. The owner, Nancy, introduced herself today and said that I would get a discount from now on for being a local merchant. She then introduced me to the whole staff and told them to give me a discount from now on. They have the BEST homemade chai and yummy crumpets. If you buy tea, you are welcome to come back throughout the day for more- on the house. I love it there.

Then I got to work and had two really sweet ecards from Angela at The Stranger and my cousin Yasmeen. Along with a birthday song message from my old school friend in Cleveland, Colleen. With that voice- she's going places. My sister also called and was in a really good mood and my lovely Trisha called from Cleveland and as always, cracks me up.

Sally, Fancy lady herself, got me delicious Pho and pretty flowers. And I have had the best customers all day. Overall a Grade A birthday.
I also want to thank all those that left me comments on how to HELP me yesterday. As you can see, from all these wonderful people, I finally have a links column up. Yahooo. Blogging once again takes on a whole new world.


Blogger mo said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I must have known somehow because I found a big box of buttons I though I had lost and it made me think of you and our trade! Urban Craft uprising sounds like it was a ball. Maybe next year I will have to make the drive and join you! Will they have it next year? Im glad it was a happy birthday and the scavenger hunt sounds like so much fun. For my hubbies 30th (ok, five years ago!) we did yard olympics so its right up our alley! Mo from Froy and Olo

4:39 PM  
Blogger Schmancy said...

Thank you Mo! I am happy to hear from you. I think they are going to try and do UCU a few times a year now since it was such a success. You should definately drive up and participate. your stuff would do great. take care.

5:33 PM  

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