Saturday, November 19, 2005


I wish I was there. The picture with the light snow and beautiful European street is where I would like to be. Sipping tea, a really yummy glass of wine or a lightly sweetend port while I watch people go by. That's where I want to be. With no worries about my store, all the things I need to do for the holiday rush, or all the things I may be forgetting. I wonder when I will ever step foot on foreign land again. To view more beautiful photography go here
Last night I went to a A Series of Consequences. My friend Anna, the one on the cover, is in three of the six pieces. She is really good! I am so proud of her. We started hanging out more after we both quit the University Bookstore. She comes and hangs out with me on Saturdays a lot at Schmancy. We started talking about what to do with our lives one day and I suggested that she go into acting. All her stories are so animated and she seems to really enjoy getting into character so I thought it was a perfect fit. Little did I know she had done some acting in her past and this past year I have now seen her in several plays. It's great to see her climb the ladder to stardom.
The middle picture is of Nikki (on left) and Myself. It's from the scavenger hunt last week. So that's me.


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