Saturday, December 10, 2005

Sleepy Saturday

I am really really tired today. Before 11:00 am. I managed to go to the bank, take a shower, get coffee, drop off a birthday present to my friend, go to the grocery store and go to Office Depot all on my walk towards work. I made it to work on time which was amazing but I am seriously having one of those days of pure exhaustion. After work I have to bus it over to Queen Anne/Fremont to Krafthaus to help Barbara break down our table we shared for the craft fair. I am really excited to see it but only wish I could go early to munch on some goodies and perhaps drink a little champagne. Oh well. While trying to keep myself wide awake I decided to look at this and dream of eating all the deliciousness on display.
I also found this site of a fellow Seattle resident and crafter. Her stuff is great. Check it out. I am looking forward to the holidays ending because we are going to do a swap. Yahoo for swappin'.


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