Saturday, January 14, 2006


I have not been in a very crafty mood lately. Maybe because I have been in a going out mood. Finding balance would be good. I have been having fun either way so no need to beat myself up about it. Here are a few things I have worked on recently. The oven mitt with the cowboy print was for my friend Nelson for Christmas. Nelson is one of the best cooks I know and I will ALMOST eat anything he puts in front of me. I blame him for my meat dabbling. He took me to Salumi's in Seattle yesterday. Best meat in town I guess. He is so excited about my meat dabbling that he wanted to take me there. I let him take charge of ordering and I didn't think I would be such a big fan as I turned out to be. Salty and peppery cured meat= good.

The pink floral mitt was for my friend Lisa in Cleveland for her birthday. I sent it recently but do not know if she got it yet. I hope she likes it. It's late as usual. Now i need to work on my dad's late birthday gift (also as usual) and some late Christmas presents. Maybe they will all be done by June. You would think all the rain (27! days now- yep you heard me right) would keep me in the house!


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