Monday, February 13, 2006

How and Why

People come in here all the time and ask me how i got into all this stuff.

I think it was more of a series of events that led me to selling collectibles and loving the toys as much as I do.

Here is Part I..

I went to Europe when I was 19 yrs old with my BF, Lisa. While in Austria, we discovered Kinder Eggs. It was love at first site and bite. We found it to be the perfect amount of chocolate, the perfect toy and perfect amount of joy and satisfaction with opening and eating a Kinder egg. So we started getting one or two a day. Then I left and never laid my eyes on one of those orange and white packaged toys for years. :(

Then I moved to Seattle and found several places that sold them. Oh it was love at first site again. I was so excited that I would always buy them by the twos. Some of them found other places to live but here is my collection as of today. I still love them and can't imagine getting rid of any of them. Someone told me I could sell them on ebay but I would cry...

I think that is where my toy love and collectors side began.

Then I started to visit Giant Robot website and I would do purchasing from time to time. I always thought it was more fun to see things in person as sometimes I would get things and not be that satisfied. However there were no stores in Seattle really focusing on these toys.

Then I met Sally and more events led to today...

More about that next time.


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