Saturday, February 11, 2006

I would heart a day off

I have been busy caring for Plush YOu blog and ignoring this one. I also have been working a lot because of the upcoming Valentine's Day, the Plush show, wholesale orders, etc. that there is not too much to talk about. I am working two weeks straight but have made it my goal to do the below:

1) finish swap for Blair

2) start swap for Laurie

3) send swap for Abby..this is just a little one so should be easy to accomplish right? right?

4) focus more time on good friend, Colleen's, baby shower gift...i am going home (Cleveland) in a month and need that sucker done!

5) Finish merchandise for Glitter Workshop and Paper Boat Boutique

Why aren't there at least 24 hours of awake time in the day??? I swear i am averaging less and less amounts of sleep these days. Yesterday I probably could have passed out standing up I was so tired! Or I need a clone of myself which would benefit NO ONE but me....


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