Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I feel like a jerk. I am totally obsessed with getting my new website up and finished that I have been ignoring my blog stuff. So I got 10 minutes left in my day and want to take this time to thank Blair. I got the most fantastic green and pink themed package in the mail the other day and here is what was in it:

* a beautiful flower pin that went straight away on my shirt...i really like it with black- the colors come out so nicely!
* a super fun "craft mix". I always love a new cd!
* pretty floral green fabric
* a really cute pink pouch with an aligator on it and inside was three embroidery threads in these lovely colors.
* a bag of buttons and a really cute bunny bell. i gasped when i saw it and so did Elena...she works at Fancy and loves to look at all my swaps. i think she was jealous.

I love pink and green combo and I really love my swap. Thanks so much Blair! Can't wait to meet you face to face.


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