Saturday, October 29, 2005

Things I got when I was gone

Coming home after a vacation is not too much fun. It is rather depressing. I kept on thinking of my friends, my kitties, and my apartment to make the transition into reality a little less harsh. A fun part to coming back to work was getting a few packages from Starving Artist and from
Sveet Courture. These are christmas presents for a few people so I didn't want to ruin the surprise. But both packages were a lot of fun to open up and will be even more fun to give.

I am back

I am back from my wonderful vacation in sunny California! It was so much fun and I began kicking myself for ever leaving that city. I love it! I love Seattle too and I am sure I feel like this largely because I was on vacation and everything is better on vacation. But that city is so much fun! I visited with my aunt, uncle, and cousin, Yasmeen. That was great. I also went into the city for 3 days to spend time with friends. We acted like rock stars. Drank like a rock star, shopped like rock stars, and ate like them too. It was great. Now I got to find a way to move a Schmancy down there so I have more of an excuse to go there all the time. I miss it already. Julia was a great host in sf. and it was great to hang out in the mission. I could go on and on about my love for it there. Oh and my aunt took us to Trattoria Mollie's in Santa Barbara where they serve Oprah's favorite meatball. I don't normally eat meat but I had to. Why? Well you know Oprah eats well so I just had to see why this was her favorite. I now know why. It was DELICIOUS! Thank you to Aunt Patty, Uncle Farukh, and Julia for showing us a great time and letting us do all the things I wanted to do on my vacation!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Jamie Jester

This Friday the new show goes up! Work by local artist, Jamie Jester, will be up and she will be in attendance. Come check out her work, drink wine, and have goodies.

Good mail

I got to work today and had a orange note in my door telling me I had mail at the Moore Hotel. This makes me happy. So I went to the hotel and got 2 packages. I am not going to show you what I got because they are gifts and by any chance someone is reading this that may get a gift from me, I don't want to show them what it is. The first was from bunnigoods. I opened it and immediately thought Zoe and Cara. Then I got something from punkinpie productions. This one is a toss up between Kayo and Zoe. They both would really like it I think. I am going to have to start putting all these gifts in my storage unit since my cabinet space won't fit it all anymore. Yippy for trades!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Two Confessions

Confession #1: I might just be officially addicted to trading. I love to do trades. I have said this many times before and explained my love for a good trade so I won't go into it again. I have so many trades I am working on right now. Each time I finish one I feel so satisfied. I feel even more satisfied when I get my trade in the mail. I sit here everyday and watch for the post person around 4:00 every day. Then I feel sad inside if I haven't gotten anything. If I do get something I start to feel like I do after I drink coffee. You know what I mean? Excited, a bit jumpy, the mind starts turning into endless thoughts about the next thing I want to make..that sort of thing. I am a bit sad to go on vacation ONLY because I won't be here when a package may arrive but then I realize it will be a fun thing to come home to.
Confession #2: I love my cats. A LOT. I talk about them and how cute they are and I talk to them. They are good listeners and they love me. Jackpot, shown here, is the best. She follows me around wherever I may go. She sits on the toilet while I brush my teeth, take a shower, fix my hair, etc. She loves to stand on the sink while I pet her and if I stop she squeeks. It's heartbreaking. The other thing she does which I love but can be a bit uncomforable is she sleeps on top of me. I will wake up to her face right in mine, purring. And she will do this if I am on my back or on my side. Somehow she finds a way to make it comforable for herself. I wish I could take them with me to S.F. but they will be in good hands with Nikki and Nelson. I think Nikki is really excited just to be around a t.v. for a week.

crafty families

I have been trying to refrain from spending too much time looking at various blogs i enjoy reading. Why? Because I get sucked in. I feel like it is o.k. to a point because I find it really inspiring and motivating. But it also sucks up a lot of my day at times and I really do have work to do. Especially because next week I am on VACATION!!!! YAHOOOOOOO. Today is gloomy and grey and I am sort of caught up and thought a little blog surfing wouldn't kill me. I started with Lisa Congdon's blog because I like her work and love reading her site. She always has the nicest things on there like today's tribute to her mom. So I of course had to check out her her mom's site to see where these crafty people came from. This then brought me to Stephanie's blog which I check out from time to time anyways. I think we all have a similar appreciation for color, displaying in your home, etc. but they do it a lot better than me. While reading Steph's blog I stumbled across Tie One On. I love aprons and used to make them a lot. I wish I either had my sewing machine here or i was at home so I could make one right now. They are just so colorful and fun and most of all USEFUL! I think Stephanie's is really great. I love all the color and type. I guess I just gave a tribute to the Congdon family. I will be in San Fran next week and will hopefully be getting together with Lisa for some drinky drinky perhaps? We will see.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Bill Gates goes to college

Sometimes towards the end of the day I like to look at other things. I found this today and thought it was funny. Go here to watch this 5 minute clip. Almost out of here! Yahoooooo

Thursday, October 06, 2005

New at Schmancy store

This just came in! M.O.D. 8" Dunny by Gary Baseman! We love him. You love him too!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

UCU and a finger puppet

I wanted to let everyone know about this really cool craft fair coming up soon! I will be there sharing a table with sewdorky. To find out more information go to Urban Craft Uprising. A few other crafty friends of mine will be there as well so come support local craft stars, get your holiday gifts, and get inspired!
The little lion finger puppet is my new creation. It is going in the mail for a trade but I am going to make more. I will make different animals as well. They are cute kids finger puppets or can just go on top of your computer, table, bookshelf as a little display animal. I like them. I have realized I love to make stuff (well that's not a NEW concept) but I also get bored making the same things over and over. SOOOO as long as I throw in a new thing, I can handle doing the same stuff too.
I am happy with this little guy.
bye for now

Saturday, October 01, 2005

for Tricia

Here is one thing I sent to Tricia of Bella jolie for our trade. She got other goodies but this scarf is my favorite. It is so cozy I just wanted to rub my face with it all the time. I added fringe to it as well which is something I have never done. It's fun to try new things.
Last night my sister and Nikki got together to start our latch hook project. Nikki and I are starting a craft night once a month. We will all meet up and make a specific craft. We thought latch hook would be easy, fun, and inexpensive for our first project.
The last pic. (with the seahorses) is from a site I can't remember. But I love it and wish I had lots of money so I could have it.
last day of work and then it's my weekend. I am so very excited!