Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Crochet 101

Yesterday I started my first crochet class. I am taking a two week class with my sister at So Much Yarn. It is a relatively new store in Belltown that offers lots of classes and has a great selection of yarn. Crocheting is so relaxing that I almost fell asleep in class. It's really fun and I look forward to practicing. I really want to make one of those granny blankets with all the small pieces that you connect together. I only wish I didn't have so many interests. I feel like there is so much I want to do right now and I don't know where I will get all the time to do them. As the holidays come close, I really want to make some gifts for certain people like my landlords at the store. I got all this pretty ribbon, boxes and paper to use for cookies and truffles. When I will make them is another question.
I also signed up for I Heart Rummage this Sunday. I have no idea when I will make all this stuff for it. My hair appointment was just cancelled so I guess I have this evening to work on stuff. Tomorrow I have plans. I guess I will try and lock myself in my apartment for the weekend. Sounds fun right? At least I have Saturday off. Yahoo.
This guy came in yesterday and asked me to be a hair model so tomorrow morning I have an appointment for a hair cut. I wish i was getting the color today so it would be all nice and pretty tomorrow. Oh well.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Lookin' for Scraps.

I really want to learn how to quilt. My friend's mom has always done quilting and I always thought it looked so soothing. I do know how to sew so I think I could start with something very basic. I feel like I need more fabric. Anyone up for a trade? I have tons of beads, buttons, etc. I just would like some more cool scraps of fabric. It gets pretty expensive getting nice fabric so if anyone is up for it- email me! I really like the simplicity of this quilt. This is where I really fell in love with quilt making. Denise Schmidt's quilts are beautiful and colorful, with modern designs. I found her site a few years ago and decided I either needed to become rich or learn this skill. I don't see option 1. happening anytime soon so I might as well give it a go.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Jello Turkey Day!

Eat a Jello Turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Birdbrained Confessions

I like Luke Chueh's work. Sort of reminds me of Deth P. Sun.

I have a confession. I have always wanted to put a miniture world together. Just once. I have this bookmarked. And today I saw this cute fabric store. How do people make things that small?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Holiday Decorating

Today I decorated Schmancy for the holidays. The other day I was looking through Craftster and found this. I thought it was a perfect idea for Schmancy. This is my version. It didn't take too too long but it was a messy project and hanging it was not my most favorite thing to do. Anyways, I made it yesterday along with all the other crafts. Tonight I might try and tackle quilting. Or just curl up with a book. Undecided at this point. I also might go look at an apartment. I need to MOVE!!!!

Debbie's paintings

I got three paintings from Debbie the other day. I already talked about them so I just wanted to show them here. They all have good spots in my apartment. The stuffed critter and apron are a few things that I am sending off to Debbie. I have not sent them yet but finally finished the package last night. Yahoo. No more guilt.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

10 things.

Lizette Greco sent me a nice Happy Birthday email last week with a link to Keri Smith's blog for inspiration. I thought her list had a lot of things on there that I would like to remember especially on crazy days. I thought I would share for all you art/craft people out there.

The Topic is: 10 ways to infuse your work with your personality.

1. Document what you are responding to regularly. *journal/sketchbook, blog, listmaking, photo journal, bulletin board collage, internet bookmarks, Allow yourself to go deeper into an idea. Find influence outside of your field. Consider that you are ALWAYS working for yourself.

2. Start to challenge yourself on a regular basis to try new things, (not just for work. *i.e. new foods, colors, processes, classes, travel, become a guerilla artist, etc. Your hobbies are your greatest source of play.)

3. Go back to your childhood, (the formative years). What were your favourite things to do? In this lies some clues as to where you want to focus your energy as an adult. What makes you burst with energy?

4. Do something that is not for money. For your own enjoyment. (Your greatest work will come from here!)
-x-mas card
-product concept
-gifts for friends.
Design for yourself. *See handout on guerilla art.

5. Use sources that are based on your daily life. Your life IS your art. What are the things that are most important in your current life?

6. Become a collector. Collecting allows us to look at one thing in a contemplative & mindful way. Giving you new insights and perceptions. Examples: Maria Kalman -purse contents, Steven Guarnaccia -shoe sole
rubbings, Ian Phillips & Grant Heaps -Lost & Found pet posters, Mark Ulriksen (former art director) -misspellings of his name, Charles & Rae Eames -toys from other countries

7. "Pay no attention to the man behind that curtain." Ignore what other people are doing. It has no bearing on your existence or vision of the world. The times we feel the most discouraged are usually due to the fact we are comparing ourselves to others. Most times reading awards annuals, and industry mags only serves to make us feel inadequate. Try cutting it out entirely. Designer Bruce Mau recommends not entering awards competitions. His reasoning, “Just don’t do it, it’s not good for you.”

8. Don't promote to target your audience. By all means send things out into the world, but don't think in terms of "promoting to get work". Send stuff out because -you're proud of it, -you want to share something with the world, -it's fun to get mail, -to have good karma, -you want to spread your germs, -you like licking stamps. Try sending a postcard of something you made for fun, (i.e. directions on how to make a finger puppet). When thinking of subject matter for promotions look to your current life. If you deal with topics that are important to you a piece will have much more life to it.

9. Take a lighthearted approach (Don't take yourself too seriously). If you feel stuck, you can always reinvent yourself, (re: try something else).

10. Study other artists or creators who followed their own vision. Research.

Thanks Lizette! Inspiring indeed!


I wish I was there. The picture with the light snow and beautiful European street is where I would like to be. Sipping tea, a really yummy glass of wine or a lightly sweetend port while I watch people go by. That's where I want to be. With no worries about my store, all the things I need to do for the holiday rush, or all the things I may be forgetting. I wonder when I will ever step foot on foreign land again. To view more beautiful photography go here
Last night I went to a A Series of Consequences. My friend Anna, the one on the cover, is in three of the six pieces. She is really good! I am so proud of her. We started hanging out more after we both quit the University Bookstore. She comes and hangs out with me on Saturdays a lot at Schmancy. We started talking about what to do with our lives one day and I suggested that she go into acting. All her stories are so animated and she seems to really enjoy getting into character so I thought it was a perfect fit. Little did I know she had done some acting in her past and this past year I have now seen her in several plays. It's great to see her climb the ladder to stardom.
The middle picture is of Nikki (on left) and Myself. It's from the scavenger hunt last week. So that's me.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Weekend browsing

Here are some things to check out this weekend while you are bored.
Colored bubbles
Or look at the knitted wedding phots! Go here for the knitter in you.

I love the Market

I have been a busy lady! I can't even keep up with daily blogging due to all the things I need to do for the upcoming holiday season! I got a fantastic package the other day from Debbie. There were tons of goodies in there including THREE PAINTINGS!!!! I took pictures of them up in my apartment but I keep forgetting to bring my camera down to work. She has a shop you can access from her site to see more of her work. Really cute and very under priced in my opinion. I got another package yesterday from my BF, Lisa. She sent me a birthday package of two books I have been wanting. One was Alter Knits- the new hip knitting book. The other was the new book by Zadie Smith called On Beauty. I can't wait to read it. I got to finish Me Talk Pretty One Day first. I do miss reading a novel so I can't wait. I always seem to read short stories these days but with the upcoming holidays maybe I can actually finish a book!
This morning I went down to Pikes Place Market before work. I have to say that the place is so much more enjoyable in the winter only because you don't need to fight all the tourist traffic. I really love it there and always manage to find a new gem each time I explore. Today I went to this flea market type thing inside the market. Ted, a Schmancy regular, always goes there and finds the best stuff for super cheap. I have decided to try and check it out on a more regular basis. I wish I had my camera today because I found the best purse. Eight purses in one. It's so cool. I'll take a picture and put it up soon. It was a score and for only $15! I think I will try to spice up a few of the plain ones more but I love it. I also went to this Mexican market that for some stupid reason I have never been to before. I got a Gordita for $2.35 and they have yummy Tamales for $1.50. I could go on but I won't. Must work more.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

I love Meredith

Last night was EVEN more fun than I imagined it would be. It was awesome. I think there was the best group of people at the shop. Meredith came by in the early afternoon to set up the show. It was great fun just to hang out and talk about Portland, My Guys, her process, life, etc. I got whiskey for this opening and bought a crock pot to make hot apple cider. I thought I had enough whiskey but it turns out I was WRONG. I had it until around 8:00 but we still had an hour to go. Oooppps. Some of Meredith's friends came out and they were all really fun. Her friend Donna came out and she is hilarious. We see eachother around town and I told her she needs to be my friend. I am sure she was scared of me.
After some of us went out for drinks, including a few Schmancy regulars who visit often from Vancouver B.C. They are so nice and it was fun to finally hang out with them. I really want to go visit them because I heart Vancouver. I also really want to go down to Portland soon to hang out with all my new found Portland friends.
I want to thank Meredith for coming up for the show and making it a really fun opening.
Now for scavenger hunt. This weekend can't get anymore festive.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Plush Rush and birthdays

This is Dwight. He is a heart eater. He was completed last night by yours truly. He is not to different from your other heart eaters. The thing about heart eaters is they look so innocent. Even a little cute and cuddly. But if you cross any lines with them- out goes your heart, straight into their mouth. My only advice is to be careful and kind. He will be going to Columbus, Ohio for Plush Rush. You can adopt him there or maybe I will start making more. Anyone for a trade?

Today is my birthday. Last year for the big 30 my BFF from brownies, Lisa, came to Seattle to celebrate with me. It was fun but not crazy. This year I decided I wanted to do it up a little since I am not too excited about birthdays anymore. I just want to do something that I always want to do but never do. This year I decided to have a "big ass scavenger hunt". This sat. over thirty people are meeting at The Garage in Seattle. We will be put into groups and have two hours to complete a list of items developed by a team of judges, David, Nelson and Michael. I think the judges have some things up their sleaves so I am very excited. It will be a lot more fun than just sitting around drinking. BLAHHHHHHH. Gets boring and no one ever leaves thinking "Gee- that was really fun". HOWEVER this will be a fantastic.

This morning I decided to take myself to my new favorite morning spot, The Crumpet Shop, located on 1st Ave in Pikes Place Market. It was the best way to start the morning. The people there are so so nice. The owner, Nancy, introduced herself today and said that I would get a discount from now on for being a local merchant. She then introduced me to the whole staff and told them to give me a discount from now on. They have the BEST homemade chai and yummy crumpets. If you buy tea, you are welcome to come back throughout the day for more- on the house. I love it there.

Then I got to work and had two really sweet ecards from Angela at The Stranger and my cousin Yasmeen. Along with a birthday song message from my old school friend in Cleveland, Colleen. With that voice- she's going places. My sister also called and was in a really good mood and my lovely Trisha called from Cleveland and as always, cracks me up.

Sally, Fancy lady herself, got me delicious Pho and pretty flowers. And I have had the best customers all day. Overall a Grade A birthday.
I also want to thank all those that left me comments on how to HELP me yesterday. As you can see, from all these wonderful people, I finally have a links column up. Yahooo. Blogging once again takes on a whole new world.

more pics

Even more. Here is the "Donut Boy" himself. It was really amusing to hear all the donut related comments that were made all day. I think it starts to get to Stuart after awhile. I feel the same way when people constantly make comments about the whole Fancy Schmancy Pants thing. Yes it is clever. Yes it was on purpose. But hearing the comments EVERY SINGLE DAY kind of makes you numb. Even though I still heart Fancy Schmancy and Pants.

More UCU

These are the pictures I promised of the Urban Craft Uprising. The long line got me really excited and slightly nervous. It was seriously jam packed for about 2 hours straight and then it was comfortably crowded. My friend, Kayo, is Pied Nu. Her and her lovely boyfriend, Norm, set up shop! I don't know if there is anything that woman cannot do. It's crazy. She's a factory! She made her cute logo painting the night before! I love it!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Does anyone know how to explain how I may add a links bar? I want to add links of all the people I love visiting via the ole' internet and I can not figure it out. I am not very computer savvy but if someone explains it well- I think i can do it. Anyone? Please?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I did the UCU this sunday and it was fantastic! They all did such a great job promoting the event, advertising, and getting us all excited. It was hard to even imagine what it would end up being like and boy was it a surprise! Tons of people were lining up before the event began. I took a picture but forgot my camera so I will upload pics tomorrow. It was really fun to share a table with Sewdorky-AKA "THE DONUT BOY. I had a blast and I have been searching all other craft shows today so I can get signed up for a few for next year. I forgot how much fun it can be when you are prepared. I love meeting new people this way, having something crafty to work towards, and feeling a community for this sort of thing. I can't wait for the next one. I'll post pics of the event tomorrow.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Meredith Dittmar

Hi! I have not been so good about regular blogging these days. I have been busy trying to get ready for the Urban Craft Uprising. It is going to be fun to share a table with Stuart of Sewdorky and hang out with him. I am also getting ready for the upcoming show at Schmancy. Next Friday, Nov 12th, starts Meredith Dittmar's show. She will be here showing original work and we will also be carrying more of her clones. Her dioramas are amazing!!! My sister has been saving up to get one. I believe someone is coming up from San Diego to see her show. People love her and you should too!